Ferrari 365 GTC

Ferrari enthusiasts all around the world will tell you that the 365 GTC/4 is the best sounding and most overlooked Ferrari ever made.

From the chassis of the Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Daytona, came the Ferrari 365 GTC which was a lower car with an exotic edge compared to the square looking400-series 2+2s that replaced it. It had more of a symmetrical contemporary balance than the 365 GTC and 365 GT2+2 that came before it. It's side profile flowed gracefully and as it stood it it's pure form of raw beauty, without a necessity for an overabundance of scoops and ducts. The rear three-quarter view of a GTC/4 radiated an unobtrusive subtle electric energy with an undertone of power and early seventies Pininfarina style.

GT represented Gran Turismo and GTB represented Berlinetta or coupe. GTS stood for open models which were either a targa roof or a full convertible. '4' represented four-cam engines. 'C' represented 'Competizione' or 'Corsa' meaning 'to race'.

The Ferrari 365 Series were introduced in the late 1960's and stayed in production until the early 1970's. The 365's were often powered by a Columbo SOHC 4390 cc V-12 engine with three Weber carburetors capable of producing approximately 300 horsepower. The front and rear suspension for nearly all of the 365 series was independent with double wishbones and coil springs. The 365 GT4 2+2 had an independent with transverse parallelograms and coil springs suspension. The 365 California had a live axle with coil springs rear suspension. The chassis was an oval tube ladder type frame layout.

Standard on all the vehicles, were disc brakes, and a five-speed manual gearbox. Many of the series received standard options such as power steering and air conditioning, which was uncommon at that time. When most manufacturers such as Lamborghini and DeTomaso were creating vehicles with mid-engined design, Ferrari continued to use their successful front-engined, rear wheel design.

The well known and respected Pininfarina was tasked with creating many of the designs for the 365 Series. The designs were not new, rather they integrated many of the styles from the earlier 330 GTC and 275 GTS models. The headlights were a direct courtesy of the 500 Superfast. The outcome was a visually striking automobile with the proven Ferrari engineering, style and performance.

365 GTB 4 Daytona's lifespan lasted from 1968 through 1974, and 1383 were designed, created and produced.

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